Chanel nailed it!

Directed by Patrick Daughters, Choreography by I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER, Produced by Les Telecreateurs



When I wear a plain t-shirt, most of the time a black or gray one, I like to add a necklace which will not let people guess that I dressed up in five minutes that morning. But who says that a statement necklace can't be a minimal one? These pieces of jewellery by edor can be layered up or worn alone, adding a modern, yet chic touch to your outfit. I think I'll get myself one for those lazy black t-shirt days.


Illustration: Claire Nereim

Wouldn't these prints be perfect in a kitchen or a dining room? Claire Nereim is the talented author of these illustrations: based in Los Angeles, her work has been featured in several design magazines and blogs, such as Design*Sponge. I like her minimalist style and choice of colours. This is her Etsy shop.


Patternity tights

A few days ago autumn officially started and now I feel like I have the right to wear tights without looking too winter-y in hot weather (even though in the UK you can't really call it hot weather).
These tights are a limited edition from Patternity, screen printed and hand packaged, inspired by the patterns of the urban life. You can buy them here.


Happy Weekend


Danielle Kroll Design

Graphic designer and illustrator Danielle Krool




Chris Ballasiotes

 Chris Ballasiotes, hand-lettering watercolor style.


New Girl

I first heard of Zooey Deschanel for her group, SHE&ME: her soft voice often accompanied my afternoons a few years ago. Then I appreciated her performance as actress in the lovely 500 days of Summer. So I couldn't resist when I saw the pilot of her first TV series she filmed for Fox. New Girl is the story of an extravagant girl who is betrayed by her lover, moves from her apartment and shares a new one with three men who will try to make her feel better. If you love indie movies and TV series as I do, don't miss it!



Carlt Waito paints gems and minerals, his works here.


Happy Weekend


Life of food

Work of Carl Kleiner


Illustration: Andy Kehoe


Karen Margolis art


Chanel nailpolish limited edition: Les Jeans

During the past few weeks the blogosphere has expressed its excitement for the latest collection of Chanel nailpolishes, which has been launched on occasion of last week's Vogue Fashion Night Out. After the successful Jade collection in 2009 and Les Khakis in 2010, this year shades are inspired by denim and range from a very light blue (Coco blue), to a blue-grey (Blue boy - my personal favourite) and an intense dark blue (Blue rebel).
They will be sold exlusively at Chanel boutiques and on their website, but hurry up - stock won't last!


ASOS AW Accessories Guide


Happy Weekend

Source: here


Le Chou Chou "Les Voyages"

Le Chou Chou bijoux presents "Les Voyages", its fall winter 2011/12 collection. Inspired by Europe and Asia and with a vintage feel, these handmade necklaces are part of a limited edition. You can already find them in shops (here the list of where to find Le Chou Chou bijoux) or buy them online.Get free shipping in September with this code: LESPROMO.

Handmade cards: Social proper


Kidrobot for Swatch

The Kidrobot for Swatch collection will be available at Swatch stores and Swatch retailers worldwide on September 1st. Designed by eight different artists, each watch will be accompanied by a matching 3-inch Dunny.


Happy Weekend


Paper heart garland

Are you a keeper or a thrower? Well, most of the time I am a thrower - I really have to love something to keep it for a long time - and I happen to bin a lot of magazines and catalogues. But now I found an idea to recycle my paint samples and make a paper garland out of them. You could also use wrapping paper or old paper bags, but I bet this pastel colour rainbow is a more appealing choice. Just use a paper punch of your choice, cut the pieces and sew them together with thread and needle. Et voilà, your easy cheap paper garland is ready.

Source: oh crafts via grace and light


Illustration: Caitlin McGauley

Caitlin McGauley is an illustrator based in New York City who gets inspired walking through her neighbourhood (Chelsea), visiting small bakeries and new furniture shops. Her illustrations are feminine and delicate, with pastel colours contrasted by bright tones. If you want to find out more about her visit her website here.

Hello September

Vogue Cover, September, 1916