Bold banging bangles

1. Gold Spring green blangle by Duchamp

2. Conflict-free bangle by CC SKYE

3. Navy Atzec Bangle by House of Harlow

4. Vintage bangle by Balenciaga Vintage

5. Enamel skull bracelet by Alexander McQueen

6. A penny for your thoughts bangle by Kate Spade

7. Logo band bangle by Marc by Marc Jacobs

5 commenti:

  1. l'1, il 2 e il 6 mi piacciono un sacco! <3

  2. Direi che mi piace molto il numero 4!! bacii aleee

  3. Loved them all (look 3 is my fave). Now I'm brimming with ideas for my own gray sweater! Thanks for the style inspiration.

  4. So sorry... I missent a comment earlier! This is what I get for trying to be sneaky in the office. What I meant to say is, the Kate Spade bangle immediately drew my attention. Now I know I'm addicted!

  5. Alessandra04/03/11, 17:10

    Hi Gabriella, don't worry about the comment, I do it all the time! Kate Spade accessories are always so nice, I wish I could find them here in the UK as well :)


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