Best case scenario

In the neverending fight between Blackberry and Iphone users, at the moment I figure among the Apple enemies. I have been a Blackberry girl for two years now and I am thinking about switching to an Iphone in the next few months. Blackberries are practical and professional, but they lack the cuteness-factor which I need in my everyday appliances. I have been looking for a cute BB cover for a long time - failing miserably - and instead I stumbled upon these delicate sweet Iphone covers. How cute are they?

. . . . .

Nell'infinita lotta tra Blackberry e Iphone, al momento io mi trovo tra i nemici di Apple. Ho un Blackberry da circa due anni e sto pensando di passare a un Iphone nei prossimi mesi. I Blackberry sono pratici e professionali, ma non sono abbastanza carini per i miei gusti. Per molto tempo ho cercato una cover per il mio BB, senza riuscirci, trovando invece queste bellissime e dolcissime cover per Iphone. Mi sa che il mio Blackberry avrà vita breve.

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  1. I had a blackberry and moved to iphone 4 just for a nice cover. After 2 seconds I was like "wtf did I ever own a blackberry for!?"

    Seriously, in comparison they are so so shit. Like comparing an audi to a micra haha.


  2. Alessandra05/04/11, 17:43

    I think the comparison really fits here! I think I'll speed up the process and get an Iphone ASAP! Plus, it'd let me use Instagram!


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